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Our flying field in front of the airport terminal is complete and ready for flying. To enter the area, come in on airport road and instead of turning left into the terminal parking lot, turn right onto the gravel road. Go a 25 or 390 yards and turn right and go around the beacon tower. Once you go around the beacon tower we have posts to guide you onto the flying field. Park between the fencing and Airport Road. When flying, keep the airport behind you and use the beacon as a flightline limit on your left and the Airport Road as a limit on your right. This flightline boundary is extremely important to keep us from intruding on the airport space. It is imperative that fly to the west of this line. Once you stand on the flightline these landmarks will be obvious A lot of work has gone into the preparation of the field and we think we have something we can be proud of and will give us some good exposure. If you see George Estes or Ken Whitfield at the field, thank them for their efforts in setting up the area. So get out and fly and enjoy.

Bill Kirkpatrick

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