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I have been in contact with the point man at the First Quality jobsite today.  Please read the following 3 requests before I proceed with what else I know:

1. The field will be closed permanently for flying the afternoon of the 29th of July as construction will begin on our area of the property.  I will post a sign to that effect on the 29th at the entrance.

2.  Please direct all questions and comments through me as we need to keep the communication link direct to eliminate misunderstandings.  I will keep you informed as we get more information.  Please don't pump the guards for information as they have asked us to communicate with f First Quality.  They have been a great help in getting me in contact with the right person.

3.  As I mentioned before, please be positive and upbeat as we work through this and I believe we  will come out fine.  I assure you what First Quality is offering to do for us is  not the norm for land purchased where flying site exist.

First Quality would like to get us settled on a new site by July the 29th but that is not far away.  I believe it will take a little longer.  Indications are that we will remain on the property somewhere on the west side of the plant.  We have done some Google Earth research and there is quite a bit of land back behind the ball field.  I will present a layout drawing tomorrow of what we would like to have sizewise based on what we have now and what AMA recommends for a flying field site.  Things should progress rapidly and I will email once a week or more often as we move forward. My home phone is 222-9299 and my cell is 404-626-1896.

Bill Kirkpatrick

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