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I spoke with the guard at Shaw today.  The actual closing date for the sale of the property to First Quality Enterprises, Inc. is June 15th.  A representative of the Demaghi family (owners of Quality Enterprises) will contact me after the closing to proceed with moving our field up beyond the ballfield toward Electrolux. The guard will pass my name and phone number to the proper contact person.  The guards are a real positive for us and have been putting in good words for us since the beginning of this process. 
The comment about putting in some sort of hard surface runway was made by one of the proposed contractors on the project.  We will find out about that down the road as the project progresses.
As we discussed at the meeting last night, I believe this will be a good thing for the club as it will give us some security for the future.  We have been "on pins and needles" for several years and hopefully this will work out for the best.
I believe we should approach this change with a positive attitude and help this to be a positive development for Tri-County RC.
The next step will be contact with the Demaghi representative after the 15th.  I will follow up with any news that I receive.
Bill Kirkpatrick

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