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Jim Farley happened to be at the field and noticed several cars parked along the road watching a fire in the Shaw building.  In trying to determine what was going on he began talking to the First Quality plant site manager, Ken Russell.  Ken told Jim that our club had been there for a long time and he had heard good things about our group.  As I said in my earlier email, they plan to move us to a site on  their property if we can find a suitable place.  If not, they  actuallyplan to  purchase a piece of property for us elsewhere. How great is that!
Within the next week or so there will be construction activity on the back side of the big plant on the west side away from Masters Blvd.  They don't want this to limit our flying, but please be aware of this activity and limit  flying over them especially down low.
As I mentioned earlier, this is a very positive development and we should keep a positive attitude as this important time for our club unfolds. 
There may be some rough spots or delays in making all of this come together.  There could possibly be a short period of time when we can't fly as our other site is being developed. Think positively and keep in mind how secure we will be when the dust settles.  We will have one of those super successful field acquisition stories that appear in  AMA Magazine.
Jim's contact today and his sales pitch for Tri-County was a good thing.
The next step remains to wait for First Quality to contact us after the sale closing on the property on Tuesday.  We will keep you posted.
Bill Kirkpatrick

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