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We met with the Anderson County Administrator and new airport manager this afternoon.  He said the FAA will require us to relocate our flying field. They gave us a couple of good relocation options and offered to help us with the move.  We don't have to move immediately but will transition over the next several months.  They are anxious to get us onto a good location and seem to want to help us with the logistics of the move.

I am calling a special meeting Tuesday evening the 25th at our usual meeting room in the airport terminal to discuss this process. Please attend if you can!

We are approaching this with a positive attitude to secure a location that we will have far into the future.




Sorry for the delay in getting this information out. Our visit to the landfill Friday of last week was not encouraging as we would be severely limited to access to their site. The county has some big equipment there and would not allow us on site unless their personnel were also present. They close on Sunday, 1/2 day on Saturday and at 4:00 during the week. We are working with them on other options and will keep you posted. If you know of any possible sites or people we might contact about a site please let me, George or Rudy know.

Regards: Bill Kirkpatrick

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