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Well here it is, the moment some of you have been waiting for, and others probably have no idea what this is about as this is the first time I have mentioned it.  I have had an itch recently to do some combat flying and based on feedback there seems to be quite a few other guys who would enjoy getting involved as well. 

 There are seemingly lots of ways to go about flying combat and making a competition out of it.  I have seen planes with streamers on them and you try to cut your opponent’s streamer with your propeller. The guy with the longest streamer at the end of the allotted time wins.  The other way is simply to try to hit each other in the air.  Either the more times you hit someone the more points you get or the last one flying wins. 

 The other issue is the type of plane to be used, a traditional looking plane with the motor in the front or some type of pusher with the motor in the back.  I think however the competitions are held, inevitably lots of folks are going to get midaired and will end up crashing………crashing with a smile on your face mind you.  Having said that I think that the planes should be as crash proof as possible so we can spend more time flying & less time fixing at the field.  Probably the most crash resistant plane I have seen or have flown is an EPP flying wing. 

 Another issue is the equipment selection as far as motors, batteries, etc go.  I believe that to keep the competition as equal as possible (though Ken said he wants to make sure his plane is faster than everyone else’s) the gear used should pretty much be the same across the board, be durable and as inexpensive as possible (because as mentioned above, they WILL end up getting crashed).  If you do not want to make an entirely new plane I would at least recommend having the same motor as everyone else.

 So here is my proposal:

 The plane that I recommend we use is a Wild Wing from  It is currently on sale now for $20 (it is on sale quite often).  The plane come with everything needed to build it, including various carbon spars, carbon pushrods & even strapping tape.

 It is a relatively slow flying wing (with a fat Clark-Y airfoil) so we would need no more than a football field to fly it in plus you could fly closer than a faster plane (plus less damage flying slower).  Here are some write-ups on the plane:

 So it seems like if built light it is a very good flyer (pretty much true of all planes I guess).  My suggestion based  on the Wild Wing lite thread is to cut down the wing from 35” to 30” or so & use a single stator motor (24 gram motor), small 3 cell lipo, 9 gram servos & a 10 or 12 Amp ESC.  With the above gear the plane should come in somewhere around the 5 to 7oz range & be able to fly for 15 to 20 minutes based on throttle management.

I have purchased lots of stuff from from China.  I’ve researched a lot of their products on and bought stuff based on other’s recommendations.  Some of the items they sale are agreeably junk and cost a mere fraction of what you could get them for stateside.  Other items they carry are very good & are only slightly more than the junk parts (still only a fraction of what you would pay here).  So the list below contains items that items that we could use to put together some light weight Wild Wings for not a lot of money & have a plane that will fly very well. 






1300 Blue Wonder


Motor Mount



Prop Saver




8x4 GWS DD


Bullet connectors

2mm bullets



Turnigy Plush 12A



Whatever you have







Loong-Max 800 3s 20C


 As far as small receivers I really like the Berg 4L of the Corona/Light Flight ones.

 So if you had to purchase all of the above, including the plane & shipping, the grand total would be somewhere around $90 -$95.  Now granted some of the gear you may already have: receiver, servos, ESC.

 And finally getting back to the fun of it all, here are a few combat links:

In the 3rd video, “Bet You Can’t Hit Me”, notice which type of plane survives the midair. 

Anyways, if you have any interest or questions or other suggestions at all, please let me know.  I am planning on ordering some of the parts from either this week or next week depending on the responses I get.  I’d be happy to order everyone’s stuff & cut down on shipping if you like.  It usually takes 2-3 weeks to get here from them.   The Wild Wing should take a week or so, so maybe you could go ahead & have the plane ready to go by the time all of the gear comes in.

 Also, if you want to have a go at this, let me know what channel you will be flying on & a ph number & email address to reach you if need be.  And as far as flying, there are 3 places I know of for sure to that we could meet & fly at.  One is in Laurens at a friend’s house with maybe a 10 acre field, across the street from my house in Greenville there are 5 soccer fields and Ken & Ryan have LOTS of land with a great runway & meeting area in Lyman. 


Talk with you soon,
Brian Cooke Ch.54




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