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This is an update on our new flying field.

At our last meeting we voted unanimously to accept the Anderson County Airport manager's offer to let us establish a new field on a piece of land adjacent to the airport.  They are in the process of clearing large groups of trees on and around the airport which will make the area great for our field.  The manager of the airport is an R/C flyer and is excited about us becoming a part of the area.  The county officials that Jim Farley has been talking to had already contacted Steve, the airport manager, about accommodating us before we made contact.  This means the county officials and the airport manager are on our side.The tree removal will take 30 to 45 days to complete.  After that is done we will work to prepare a runway and set up our tables and frequency board.As we get new information as to the schedule of events I will keep you informed.

Bill Kirkpatrick

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