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Due to circumstances beyond all involved's control, we have lost the Keasler Road flying site.  We have removed all of our equipment from that location.  Please do not attempt to fly there.In the meantime, we have made arrangements to fly at a temporary location at the Anderson airport until the trees have been removed in our permanent field area.Please, if you intend to fly at this location, attend our next club meeting at the airport on Thursday, July the 7th at 6:00. Access to this temporary field is gated, requiring a pass card and notificaton is required when we intend to fly.  We are in the process of working out the details, but should have them finalized by the meeting next week.Our tables and frequency board have been relocated to this site.  We have a little more work to do on fencing etc.  We will be flying from a large paved taxiway off runway 35 which will be closed to traffic while we are flying.  This runway is seldom used due to prevailing winds, but we do have to notify the airport and we will have a radio to be aware of emergencies or other need to use the area.As you might imagine, we need to have some rules to accomplish this safely.  The airport people suggested this locaton and we have their support to make this work until our permanent location is prepared. Again, please attempt to make the meeting next Thursday.  If you cannot make the meeting, contact an officer to find out the proceedure to fly.

Bill Kirkpatrick

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