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Club Members, 

We are coming up on that time of year again when we get pretty busy.  We have the Balloon Fest coming up at the end of August (30th and 31st).  Jim Farley contacted Michele Strange with Anderson County, and asked what we needed to do in order to secure our place in the show.  She informed Jim that there was to be a committee meeting today and that she needed to know what we needed.  I sent her an e-mail stating that we needed tables and access to power in order to run our TV and flight simulators.  I also stressed to her that we were very excited about coming back.  I called her this afternoon to check on the outcome of the meeting, but she was in a meeting and I was told that she would get back to me on Monday.  I will pass along the update then.  I have been setting up a committee to make sure that we get organized and pull off a good show.  The members on the committee so far are myself, Bob LeBrec, Jim Hauck and Bill Kirkpatrick.  We may add a few more members depending on the workload.  Since we talked about getting a plane to give away, I have been in contact with the Hobby Connection about what kind of deals we can work out on airplanes.  David said that he could sell us an Alpha trainer RTF for $200 ($300 retail) or donate an Aerobird or even both.  He is getting some of the balsa gliders for us to give to kids.  He has also said that he can loan us a couple of the little foam electric airplanes that we can fly around the table.  In exchange he only asked that a few of us (4 or 5) wear a Hobby Connection t-shirt.  I think that this sounds like a good deal, but I want to hear everyone's feedback. We also have Carolina Fest coming up the 27th of September.  This is the festival that the Hunt family puts on every year.  For those of you that were at last year's event, you will remember how well we were treated.  Mike Hunt has been fighting brain cancer.  They have removed 99% of the tumor that was in his brain.  He is doing well, but he has very large medical expenses.  Mike paid for the three days of Carolina fest out of his pocket for years.  Family friends are putting together a benefit for Mike this month on the 26th.  The event is going to be held at the balloon launch site by the Civic Center.  They are going to have a live and silent auction.  They are also going to have a BBQ dinner at $7 a plate to help with his expenses.  Greg Hunt is going to send me a flyer that gives more detail on the benefit.  I will post it at the field and send it out via e-mail when I get it.  I think that it would be nice if we can donate anything for the auction or at least buy some BBQ.  Leonard and I are going to get a time set up with Greg to start getting the field in shape for us to fly in September.  Last year the field was cut the morning that we got there.  We are hoping that the field will be in better shape if we can start grooming it now.  I will let you know how things are going on this front as I get more information to send out. I hope to hear your thoughts and I would also like to discuss with those at the field tomorrow. 


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