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Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 4:26 PM
Subject: January Newsletter

As I did several years ago when I was President I'm going to send  a newsletter each month to the club members. One of my goals is to keep all club members informed to activities of the club. I'm going  to post this newsletter along with the minutes of the monthly meeting on the bulletin board at the field. This will allow members that don't have "E" mail informed. As most of you know if not all January got off to a sad start with the passing of Bob LaBrec. Bob was one of our most active club members and was ready to volunteer when something at the field needed done. Bob's great passion was flying RC airplanes and you could find him at the field most any day flying. Bob would fly when others wouldn't , didn't matter if it was windy or starting to rain, Bob was flying. Bob is going to be greatly missed .. On a happier note our January meeting was held at the Anderson County Library as the Airport our usual meeting place was closing early. There was seventeen members present and there was several good opportunities for the club. Anderson Universitywill be starting an adult education class on RC airplanes and asked for help from our club.Doug Davison a former club member will be the instructor. Sounds like a great opportunity for the club to pick up members. Bryan LaBrec who is Bob LaBrec's son mentioned at the memorial that he would like to see the club have an annual fun-fly with the proceeds going to  cancer research. This was mentioned at the meeting and there seems to be mixed feeling from the members. As the first fun-fly wouldn't be until 2010, it was decided to get more information before proceeding. If you haven't checked out the club's web page you are really missing something. There's been over 2000 hits on the site already. Rudy is preparing a new module for the site that will let you list R/C equipment for sale. Rudy presently has a sample page on he site. Look it over and if you have a comment let Rudy know. Rudy keeps the site current and is always changing pictures etc. I think it's one of the best R/C club web sites that I've seen. One of the things that I had on my agenda and didn't get to was the formation of a welcoming committee. This was discussed several months ago, but didn't get by the talking stages. Personally I think it's a good idea and would like to club to follow up on. At the next meeting lets discuss the pros and cons of such a committee.  Don't forget  too renew you AMA membership . Remember Tri-County R/C flyers is an AMA sanctioned club and you must be a  AMA member to fly at the field. 

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