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May 25, 2007 NewsletterClub Members,  

We have had a lot going on here the last few weeks.  We had our fun fly, the antique aircraft show, and Joe Nall.   The fun fly turned out great.  We had a great time and even better food.  I wanted to thank Leonard and his for the awesome grub!  We also had a few guests that were very entertaining.  If you were not there, you missed it.  Rudy needs your pictures for the website.   I know a few members were going to Oconee to check out the antique airplanes.  I have not heard how this went.  Let me know and send some pictures.   Joe Nall was great!  I know that we had a good club turn out.  If you have never been to this event you are really missing out on seeing some incredible airplanes and even better pilots.  Rudy has some pictures on the website, but I am sure that he could use some more.   Frank Rothmann has invested in Frank Anderson's Bluebook of American Model Airplane Engines.  It shows engines from 1911 to 2005.  He is willing to share with anyone that is interested in borrowing the book.  Just keep in mind that this book was not cheap and others will want to look at it.  Give Frank a call or send him an e-mail if you want to borrow his book.   As many of you may have read or seen on the news, Honeywell is shutting down.  Honeywell has been renting space from Shaw and paying for half of the utilities.  They are laying off their employees and removing all of their equipment.  Their last day of operation at the Anderson site is August 31st.  Shaw will remain to operate half of the site.  I spoke with my father and step mother who are retired BASF (pre Honeywell and Shaw) employees.  They feel that it will be too expensive to keep the site going without Honeywell's rent and utility payments.  This is all conjecture at this point, but we all need to really start looking around for alternate flying sites.  I do not want to cry wolf, but I also do not want to find out that we are without a field.  If you see a possible flying field, let me know and we will try to see if it is available property.  I will also keep asking questions of Shaw to try and find out how we will be affected.  In the meantime, we need to continue enjoying our field with the hopes of being there for another 20+ years.

See you at the field,  

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