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April Newsletter:

Dear Club Member,

Our April club meeting was held at Anderson airport on Thursday, April 7th.

Members in attendance discussed the upcoming Mall show at Hobby Town. Ken Whitfield and committee are working closely with the management of Hobby town to insure an entertaining and educational event. Hopefully
we'll sign up new members... Please hope for good weather as a rain-date cannot be assigned. Hobby Town will award door prizes throughout the day, but our club members will, of course, not be eligible.

The Central field location ceases to exist. With cyclone fence and methane vent pipes protruding from the ground, flying R/C is virtually impossible. The AMA site insurance fee of $60.00 was not renewed.

Runway sealing was discussed and as soon as weather permits, the assigned crew will apply the sealer. The application date will be assigned at the May meeting. We'll need volunteers with old clothes and shoes to help out.

A $50.00 club donation was made to the American Heart Association in memory of Dewey Franklin who died on March 15th.

The financial report as of April 7th shows a balance of $1272.31 in the club checking account.

Respectfully submitted,
Jim Hauck


First I new to apology to our new member Dylan Jansen for calling him Joe in the March newsletter. Sorry about that Dylan.

The weather is starting to warm up and the flying season is getting in full swing. I'm starting to see more club members at the flying field. The only problem has been the wind. The past two Saturdays it has been too windy to fly except for the more experienced pilots. As Jim Hauck mentioned we will schedule a workday at the May club meeting. One of the main things that we need to do is seal the runway and spruce up the area. Several club members have volunteered to build tables for the flying field. These will be used to assemble and start your airplanes on instead of the ground. Some of us older flyers will appreciate them.

The big project for the club this month is the Mall Show on April 16th. Our committee has done an excellent job of planning for the show. We should have around thirty models on display. Everything from trainers to 1/4 scale warbirds. We will also have several models on display that are under construction. The only thing that we can't control is the weather. As we will be outside lets hope that it doesn't rain as spoil the show. Hobby Town has started running ads in the local paper for their fifteen year anniversary in conjunction with the show.

If you haven't already, take a look at the club's new web page. Ben Willis the club's Web Master has done an outstanding job with it. There are several modules that are still under construction and should be completed in the next couple of weeks. Good job Ben !

Don't forget that the Joe Nall Fly In will be May 11th. through May 14th. in Woodruff, South Carolina. This has become one of the largest 1/4 scale events in the country. If you want to see outstanding airplanes and excellent flying this is the place to be during this time.


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