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August Newsletter:

Club Members;

Sorry it has taken me so long to get the Club Minutes out. I have been traveling most of the month of August. John Moll ran the August meeting and I have included his minutes at the bottom of this page.
Several things have taken place at the flying field since the last meeting. The cracks in the runway have been repaired and the runway sealed. Thanks to the club members that helped on this project. This was something that needed to be done for the last couple of years. Also PVC pipe has been installed in the ground for umbrella holders. I think that there are eight or nine holders installed. Again thanks to the club members that did the work.
The area to the west of the field past the fence belongs to Honey Well. If you need to go into this area to retrieve an airplane go to the guard gate first and get permission. They don't have a problem with us going into this area, but because of liability concerns they want to know when we are in this area. If there are two guards on duty one will accompany us.
The nest club meeting will be held at the Ryan's on 28 Bypass. This is the same Ryan's that we had the Christmas dinner at. We will eat at 6:00 PM with the meeting afterwards.
At the next meeting I want to discuss the Modeler of the Month program. So far this year out of eight months we have only selected two Modelers of the Month. Maybe we need to change the criteria or change the program. Maybe it should be "Featured Modeler of the Month". Think about it and lets discuss it at the next meeting.
Below are the minutes that John Moll took at the August meeting.

See You at the Field


We had a short meeting this month.

Opened meeting at 6:30 PM 4 August, 2005.

Members present: Norm Armbrust, Curtis Bost, Jim Hauck, Jerry
Lesley, John Moll, John Solon, Eric Walker, Ken Whitfield, and Sid

Treasurer's Report: $853.31 in the kitty.

John Solon presented some PVC pipe that are going to be installed at the
field on Monday for Umbrella Holders. He invisioned eight holders. He
intends to top each with a 8 or 10 inch round concrete bezel so that we
will not loose these like the last time we put them in.

Norm Armbrust has worked up an agenda for Student Pilots ground school.
However, he feels that we will never get anyone to attend any of the
sessions. John S. suggested that we have the ground schools after the
monthly meeting. We did not go any farther with this subject.

Ken Whitfield is going to try to get room at Ryan's Steak House on 28
bypass for the September meeting. Pending an OK we will meet at 6 PM at
Ryan's and have the September meeting after the meal.

We adjourned at 7:00 PM

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