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July Newsletter:

I was out of town this past week and missed the club meeting. From what I have heard it was a good meeting. A large part of the meeting was discussing Safety at the flying field and the use of frequency pins. John Moll conducted the meeting and he forwarded his notes of the meeting to me which I will include with this newsletter. Thanks John for the excellent notes.
Our club is growing. Looking at the Membership list we have ten (10) new members since the first of the year with several more coming on board before the end of the year. Some of the new members are experienced flyers and some are just getting into the hobby and are anxious to learn. Lets make this a positive experience for them and help them as much as possible. The Wednesday night "Student Night" has been a success. When the weather has been corporative there have been five or six students showing up to fly. Several of these students are almost ready to solo.
Several members of the club along with some R/C car people went to the Garden Gate Assisted Living Facility in June. We had a static display of airplanes, flew electric airplanes and ran the R/C cars for the residents. Garden Gate furnished the refreshments.
They had a great time watching the airplanes,cars and talking to the club members. I think the Tri-county Flyers left a positive impression on them. They asked if we would come back sometime in the fall and I agreed that we would. I think the club members had as much fun as the residents.

Below are the notes that John took at the meeting.


Seems like we had a pretty good meeting tonight. The following
is a synopsis of what we talked about. We opened the meeting at
exactly 1830 hrs.

The following were present. Tom Brooks, Charlie Harris, Curtis
Bost, Jim Hauck, Ken Whitfield, John Solon, Jerry Lesley, Norm
Armbrust and John Moll.

Treasures report. $1277.61 in the bank and $16.79 in loose change.
Just paid Norm for cutting the grass this week.

Safety. Frequency Pins. John Solon is going to make a couple of signs
to put on the pit fences to remind people to check for their respective
frequency pin before turning their radio on. Their was a lot of dissent
for impounding the radios, because, they did not want to have to go to
the frequency impound to get their radio when they wanted to fly. They
want everyone to rely on self discipline when using your radio.

It was also suggested that when flying to check if someone else
was on an adjacent frequency. Jerry and Norm said that they have been
interfered with when someone was on say 45 when they were on 44. Or
something like that. They seemed to think that there should be more
than one channel between radios being used. I personally have never had
this problem.

Also another suggestion was to paint the channel 20 pin red to
discourage usage.

Runway Maintenance. John Solon, Ken Whitfield, Norm A. and myself will
get together to set a work day during the week to finish the runway.
John S. said that we didn't need a big detail to do it and every time we
try to set something up that there is some interference from weather or
somebody will not be there or other. I won't be back before the 21
July, so maybe it will be done before I get back.

Garden Gate Asst. Living. Norm said he suggested to the director over
there that if they could transport those people to the field they could
see a real air show instead of static display.

Lastly we had a pretty spirited discussion about the electric flyers
launching from the edge of the pits instead of infront of the pit
fence. Jerry complained and I think he is right that they should be
further out on the field so that they do not endanger people who are out
on the pilot stands flying. Jerry mentioned a couple of times that the
electrics have come very close to people that are on the field actively

We adjourned the meeting at 1925 hrs.

That's it.


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