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May Newsletter:

Dear Club Member,

Our May club meeting was held at Anderson Airport, Thursday, May 5th.

Club members discussed upcoming work party and student night. See President's message for important details.

Our financial report as of May 5th shows a balance of $1222.31 in the club's checking account.

Respectfully submitted,
Jim Hauck

President's Corner

First let me start by welcoming are newest member David Moyle. David has been in the hobby for a number of years. His interest in the past has been R/C helicopters. recently he decided that he wanted to fly fixed wing aircraft. I've already flown David several times and because of his past helicopter experience he is catching on quickly. When you see David at the field introduce yourself and make him feel welcome. On the subject of students the club has decided to start "STUDENT NIGHT " commencing Wednesday June 1st at 5:30 PM. This will give students that aren't able to fly mornings a chance to fly in the evening with an instructor. The field will be open to all club members for flying. We will continue "STUDENT NIGHT" every Wednesday night until further notice.

Now that the weather has warmed up we have more club members showing up to fly, which is great. I would like each club member to think safety when he's flying at the field. I know that we haven't had any accidents, but each of us need to be alert and fly safely at the field or anywhere else that we fly. Safety is everyone's responsibly. Speaking of safety let me mention an incident that happened to me several weeks ago at the flying field. I've been flying R/C off and on for the past thirty years and had never seen this happen before. I was getting ready to take a student up on a buddy box for a flight lesson. He and another club member were attempting to start the engine and I was standing behind the wing of the airplane waiting for them to get the engine started The engine would start, but when you advanced the throttle the engine would die at about half throttle. Sounded like the engine was running lean. After several attempts at starting and adjusting the carburetor the engine started. At about half throttle it sounded like a gun went off and something bounced of my flying glasses hit under the bill of my hat and landed at my feet. Looking down to see what had hit me I saw the glow plug laying on the ground. Evidently the glow plug had been loose and the engine had been loosing compression instead of running lean. Zurich don't advertise their flying glasses as safety glasses, but they probably saved be a trip to the emergency room as there is a scratch on the glasses over my right eye. So lets all think safety at the field.

Congratulation to Ken Whitfield for being selected Modeler of the Month. A picture and write-up about Ken will be on the club web page.

They June club meeting will be a cook-out at our house. the regular scheduled meeting will be held after the cook-out. Before I quit let me thank everyone that took part in our Mall Show. I think that it showed our club off extremely well. We have already gotten several new members as a direct result of the show.

Ben Willis has constructed a flight table for the flying field. Try it out and let's hear your comments. You can also see pictures of the table on the club web page Thanks Ben.

I will be at the Joe Nall Fly In Starting Tuesday through Sunday. Hope to see you there, if not I'll see you at the field when I return.


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