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September Newsletter:

It was great to see each of you and your wives at Ryan's for the September Club Meeting. There weren't as many members present as I had hoped for. Maybe the high price of gas caused some members not to attend. We had a good discussion with the members present on several items. It was decided to install four (4) pilot boxes at the field. initially we are going to install 12' square patio blocks level with the ground to designate the pilot boxes. At a later date we will discuss putting netting around the boxes. Several concerns were expressed that the pilots wouldn't use the designated area's while flying, but personally I don't think this will be a problem.Curtis had a paper from AMA showing a recommended layout for the stations. Norm and John Solon volunteered to install the pilot boxes.

Another item that was discussed was the "Modeler of the Month" program. So far this year there has been only two members selected for the "Modeler of the Month". It was decided that if there wasn't a Modeler of the Month we would post pictures of members aircraft. We would include a description of the model, engine, how it flys, etc. This was suggested by Mike Truitt. Mike also suggested that we call it the "Tri-County Hanger" Thanks Mike for the suggestion.

Ed Stuart is our newest member. Ed has flown at the field several times as a guest and is an accomplished flyer who brings lots of experience and idea's to the club. As always make Ed feel welcome when you see him at the field.

It was decided to suspend the "Wednesday Student Night" until next spring. The days are getting shorter and daylight saving time will end before long. I think it was pretty successful for a new program. At times we had four or five students on a Wednesday evening flying. Thanks to the club instructors for coming out on Wednesday evening and helping these students.

The Treasurers report shows the club balance at $933.51 with no outstanding bills.


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