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March Newsletter:

Our March club meeting was held at the Anderson airport on March 3, 2005.

The meeting was well attended as our President, Jim Farley, prepared delicious Bar-B-Que dinner complete with macaroni and cheese, hot potato dish, coleslaw and baked beans... Desserts were prepared by Rita Armbrust and Sandra Whitfield.

The AMA requires our club to have a Field Safety Officer. Norm Armbrust has volunteered to fill this important vacancy.

Ken Whitfield is working out the details on our upcoming Mall Show with Larry of Hobby Town. The show takes place on Saturday, April 16th. The Fun Fly scheduled at Honeywell on the same day will be rescheduled... The subject of dinner meetings came before the club and it was decided to hold the three remaining meetings at a local restaurant. John Solon
has agreed to work out the details.

A decision was made to keep the Central flying field. Jerry Lesley will contact the proper authorities.

To facilitate model assembly at the field, Ben Willis has volunteered to construct a sturdy workbench for all to use...

John Solon has been selected "Modeler of the Month". Congratulations, John

Please say 'Hello" to our newest member, Joe Jansen and son, Joe. Please make them feel most welcome when you see them at the field...

The financial report as of March 3, 2005 shows we have a balance of $1352.31 in our checking account.

Respectfully submitted,
Jim Hauck


Jim has done an excellent job with the minutes. He has covered every item that was discussed at the meeting.
Presently I'm in Roanoke, Va visting my mother-in-law who is ill. Lena and I should be back in Anderson in a week or so depending on what happens here.
As Jim mentioned the food at the meeting was great. Those that weren't there missed a terrific meal. I want to thank all that provided and served the food.

Several of the items that we discussed at the February meeting are off to a good start. The (Mall Committee) is meeting to finalize the plans for the show in April. You will be contacted by one of the committee members to see what planes you will display at the show. We want a cross section of planes from trainers to warbirds. I think that this will be a great way to showcase the club and I'm looking forward to it. We only have one more monthly meeting before the show.

On another subject spring is almost here. We need to be thinking about some spring cleaning at the flying field.
Lets all think what needs to be done at the field. At the next meeting lets schedule a work day at the field before the weather turns hot. There's things that can be done to improve the field that wouldn't cost the club a whole lot of money. Speaking of money we will have the the club financial report on an Excel spreadsheet for the April meeting. A printed copy will be available for the members at the meeting.

That's it for this month. Remember to make our new members feel welcome at the field. Most of them are new to the hobby and are looking to us for help. We can make this an enjoyable and rewarding experience or one that they wished they never had gotten into depending on our actions. Think back when you got into the hobby.
If someone hadn't answered your questions and helped you, would you still be in the hobby today?



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