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January Newsletter:

It's hard to believe that 2006 is already here and we have had our first club meeting of the year. We had good attendance and so good ideas for the coming year. One of the ideas was to sell the club trainer and put the money from the sale into the club treasury. The trainer and radio was donated to the club by several members. The plan was to use it for new members until they got their own airplane. Over the past year we haven't used it one time as all of the new members had their own airplane. I don't think we set a price on the trainer yet. It was a good idea at the time, but I think the time has come to part company with the trainer.

As you will see in the minutes below we formed two committees at the meeting. One is working on a "mall show" for the coming year and the second committee is planning several fun fly's at the field. If you have any suggestions on either contact one of the committee members and I'm sure that they will appreciate your input.

The question came up at the meeting on expenses the club had for the past year. Jim has been giving a checking balance at the meeting and reporting it in the minutes, but this doesn't show where the money is going. At the next meeting we will have a cash flow sheet for the club. I will help Jim put the information on an Excel spreadsheet which can be updated monthly.

I am going to Florida this coming Sunday and will be gone for six weeks. This means that I will miss the February meeting. In my absence John Moll will handle the February meeting. I will have my computer and cell phone with me so I will be able to keep in contact. I think that this going to be a great year for the club. Already this year we have three new members. Make them feel welcome (which I know you will) and give them all the help they want.

Below are the minutes for the January meeting as submitted by Jim Hauck.
If I don't see you at the field this week I will see you when I get back the first of March.


Dear Member,

Our first club meeting of the new year was held at the Anderson
County airport on Thursday, January 5, 2006. Several important
items were discussed. A Fun Fly calendar committee was formed with John
Solon, Eric Walker and Ed Stewart. They will assign dates for club
activities for the coming year. The prospect of having a Mall show
was also discussed. Norm Armbrust, Ken Whitfield and Neal McGrath
will contact the folks at the Mall to set up a tentative date.

Starting times for our club meetings at the airport have been changed.
The club meetings will now start at 6:00 PM rather that 6:30 PM.
This will allow us to have longer meetings without infringing on the
departure times of the airport employees.

We are fortunate to have welcomed three new members. Mr. Bud
Farmer, Mr. Tom Mashey and Mrs. Jane Mashey have joined our
group. Please make them feel welcome and assist them anyway we can.

Our club checking account as of January 6th is $1326.81.

Respectfully submitted,
Jim Hauck


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