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March Newsletter:

Club Members;

The March meeting was held March 2nd at the Anderson County Airport. There was an excellent turnout which included several visitors who expressed strong interest in joining the club. We continue to get interest and members in the club from several areas.
HobbyTown continues to hand out club information to people interested in the hobby. One other area is the Club's web page. I have received several calls from potential members who have seen the web page on the internet. Word of mouth is great. People are talking about the positive things of the club and how helpful members of the club are to new comers of the hobby. I want to thank each and every club member for making this happen. The club can only grow.

Neal McGrath gave his report on the upcoming Mall Show. Due to the cost of exhibiting our hobby in the mall was prohibitive, it was decided to have the show at Hobby Town on April 8th. with a rain date of April 29th. The committee members (Neal McGrath, Ken Whitfield and Norm Armbrust) will be contacting each of you about the show. We will use the same area as last year, with several changes. We won't rope off the area as I feel this kept people from viewing the exhibit. We will also display several models at the entrance to the store. Hobby Town will do the advertising for the show. Last year's Mall Show was a first for the club and was a Win Win for both Hobby Town and our Club. We gained great members as a direct result of the show and Hobby Town gained additional customers. Both Hobby Town and the club are still reaping the benefits from last years show.

There is a committee consisting of Ed Stewart, John Solon and Eric Walker working on a Fun Fly scheduled for Saturday May 6th.
Mark this date on your calendar and plan on attending. They are still working on plans, but I hear thru the grapevine the there will be contests, food etc. I can hardly wait to see what they have planned. We will keep you informed because it sounds like a great time for club members and their family. From what I'm hearing don't plan on going to Staton's for lunch as this will we an all day event.

Jim Hauck reported that the club checking account as of March 2nd is $1907.81. This is great and we've had several more members pay since the report.

Several club members suggested that we extend the fence in front of the pit area as we are having more members fly at a given time. This motion was approved by the club. The club already has the fencing and Curtis volunteered to construct the sleeves for the posts so the post can be lifted when mowing. Ken Whitfiled will schedule an up coming work day to complete this project.

If you are interested in electric micro heli talk to John Lockwood. John had his Eflite Blade at the meeting and gave a presentation on it. He even did a little flying in the lobby at the airport.He's gotten my interest up in one. Would be great to fly inside when it's to windy or raining out side to go to the flying field.

If you have paid your club dues and haven't gotten your membership card see me. I still have a number of members cards to give out. If I don't see you at field I will bring them to the April meeting. I will get the cards to you someway.

That's all for this time. I'm trying to complete my AT-6 and should have it ready to test fly in about a week. I know several members who are building new airplanes and I am looking forward to see them fly. I feel this is going to be a banner year for the club.



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