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August 7, 2008
Meeting Minutes

New members:

  • None

Old Business:

  • A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of the July 5, meeting.
  • Neal McGrath reported that the Club had expenditures for mowing of $45 and receipts for dues from new members of $40 leaving a balance of $2,248 in the Club’s treasury.
  • This month’s meeting focused primarily on preparations for the BalloonFest. A “BalloonFest Hit List” prepared by Eric Walker was reviewed. (see comments below). As there are still a number of questions regarding the BalloonFest we have schedule an informal meeting for Saturday August 16, 2008 at 10:00am at the flying field to discuss final preparations.

Hit List:

  • As it relates to the Hit List the following was discussed: Small electricts to fly- It was noted that the only club members that might have electrics to fly during the event were Eric Walker, Jim Farley and Bob Lebrec. Anyone else that has an electric plane and the ability to fly it in an environment such as the BalloonFest should bring it. Map to the flying field, AMA involvement and magazines are all being handled by Ed Stewart. Airplane bios Everyone should prepare their own. Fun Fly There is confusion about when this is to take place. TV and VCR In addition to the Club TV/VCR, Frank Rothmann agreeded to bring another TV and DVD player to the event. Table Cloth, hold downs, sand bags and Flight simulator Neal McGrath agreed to bring. Anyone else who is willing to bring a flight simulator should bring it. Tarps Ed Stewart and Rudy Kellerman agreed to bring one each. Canopies John Moll, Bill Kirkpatric, Leonard Shinall, Ed Stewart, Eric Walker and possibility John Solon will provide canopies. Anyone else who has one should bring it.

New Business:

  • The Club agreed to hold a static display at the NHC of Anderson at 10:30am Saturday September 20th. Please plan on being there if you can.


  • None

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