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February 7, 2010
Meeting Minutes

New members:

  • There were no new members.

Old Business:

  • Minutes- The previously distributed minutes of the January 7th meeting were approved.
  • Financial Statements- Neal McGrath reported that as of the end of January the treasury had a balance of $1,887.
  • Fun Fly- April 10, 2010 was confirmed as the date for our Fun-fly. It was concluded that the format would be similar to prior years and would be open to Tri-County members and their families. Bill Kirkpatrick agreed to chair a committee to organize the fun-fly.
  • Civil Air Patrol (CAP) – At the January meeting, George Estes mentioned that a number of members of the CAP were interested in RC flying and would like to receive lesions from our Club instructors. After some discussion it was concluded that this would be a good way to get younger people interested in the Club. This raised the question as weather we should offer CAP members a special membership rate or an annual fee that covers all CAP members. It was concluded that some type of special arrangement would make sense to attract younger members but the details of an arrangement would be decided at the February meeting. At the February meeting it was decided that we make our instructors available to help train CAP members with the expectation that no later than their third lesion that they join both the AMA and Tri-County Flyers. In addition, Tri-County will offer CAP members a discounted first year membership fee of $10.

New Business:

  • No new business


  • Next Meeting- The next meeting will be held at 6:00pm on Thursday March 4th at the Anderson County Airport.
  • Southeastern Model Show The Southeastern Model Show and swap meet will take place in Perry Georgia March 5th and 6th.
  • 2010 Dues – 2010 dues were due January 1, 2010 and payable now. Dues for individual and family memberships are still just $30 Please complete the attached renewal form and mail your 2010 dues to the following address:

    Tri-County R/C Flyers
    C/O Neal McGrath
    336 Huntington Rd.
    Anderson, SC 29626

  • Also, don’t forget to renew you AMA membership.

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