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November 4, 2010
Meeting Minutes

New members:

  • NoneNo new members.

Old Business:

  • Minutes- The minutes of the October 7 meeting were read and approved.
  • Financial Statements- Neal McGrath reported that as of October 31, 2010 the treasury had a balance of approximately $2,300.
  • Flying Field Status:
    • First Quality: Jim Farley reported that he had spoken to Tommy Dunn, Chairman of the Anderson County Council, regarding the status of our flying field and First Quality. Mr. Dunn in tern spoke with one of the County Administrators who indicated that to his knowledge First Quality still intended to provide us with a location on their property. He indicated that First Quality may have run into a problem with the Corps of Engineers regarding the cutting of trees where we were going to fly as it was deemed to be marsh land.
    • Center Rock: George Estes reported that he looked at the hay field behind the Center Rock Fire Department and believed that it could be used as a flying field with a minimum amount of improvements. He also spoke to the owner of the property, Duffy Cochran, who indicated that he might be willing to lease a few acres for use as parking and a landing strip. However, he was also in discussions with a group of hunters that were interested in leasing the field for dove hunting and was not sure how they would react to us using it as a flying field. George wanted to gage the Clubs interest in this location before he spoke to the owner again. The consensus was that there was an interest but we need to better understand 1) the status of the First Quality commitment and time frame associated with that commitment, 2) the approximate cost of the lease and 3) before the Club committed to a lease there should be a budget prepared so that everyone understood the affect on the Clubs finances and dues.

New Business:

  • Officers for 2011 The following new slate of officers were elected effective January 1, 2011 by unanimous vote:
    • Bill Kirkpatrick, President
    • John Moll, Vive President
    • Rudy Kellerman, Treasurer & Secretary
    • Ken Whitfield, Safety Officer


  • Next Meeting- The next meeting will be our annual Christmas party at Ryans on Highway 28 on Thursday December 2nd.
  • 2011 Dues – 2011 dues are due January 1, 2010 and payable now. Dues for individual and family memberships are still just $30 (please note that based on the outcome of flying field discussions there may need to be an increase and/or one time surcharge to cover annual lease and improvements cost. These potential increases will be subject to vote of the membership) Please complete the attached renewal form and mail your 2011 dues to the following address:

    Tri-County R/C Flyers
    C/O Rudy Kellerman
    133 Spanish Wells
    Anderson, SC 29626

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