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June 6, 2013
Meeting Minutes

New members:

  • Please welcome two new members, Ira Jordon and Michael Jordon. Yes they are father and son, daddy Ira and son Michael.

Old Business:

  • The May minutes were read.
  • Bill Kirkpatrick will email to all members the list of model airplane planes donated by Curtis Bost.
  • Radio interference at the flying field is no longer an issue.
  • Rudy Kellerman described how to log in to the Members only section of the website. If it is your first time logging in type:

    User Name: ************
    Password: **********

    then click in the remember me next time box so your web browser will remember you. Click on the login button and you are in. To log in the next time, with Windows Internet Explorer you will have to click in the user name box and you will see a drop down list with the User Name in it. Click on the User Name and the password will be filled in automatically. If you are using another browser such as Chrome or Firefox the username and password will already be there and you only need to click on the login button.

New Business:

  • Financial: The bank account stands at $1183.52. A check was written to George Estes for $280 for field mowing for the months of April and May bringing the total to $973.52.
  • Club Fun-Fly: There was a discussion to have a club family fun-fly each month to get a large group of members and their families together for a fun time with food and beverages. The first one will be on Saturday July 13, 2013. There was also a discussion that we should have a fun-fly and invite the Oconee Eagles club. They extended us an open invitation to fly with them when we lost our flying field at Shaw. The consensus was that we should do this with food and beverages on us. Date to be determined.
  • Dues: A motion was made to change our dues to a prorated format. The dues for a new member would be $50 plus $10 initiation fee for someone joining before January 31. The dues would then drop $5 per month until May 31. Each month thereafter dues would be $25 for the remainder of the year. The initiation fee of $10 will remain in effect for all new members and current members who are delinquent on paying their dues. Dues are considered delinquent after January 31st but a delinquent member has until February 15th to pay his dues. After February 15th the $10 initiation fee will be reapplied. A vote was taken and the motion was adopted. Rudy Kellerman will change the constitution to include the new prorated format.

    Rule From Our Constitution:

    Financial obligations are assessed on January 1 of each year, and are payable through January 31. A member is considered delinquent if his/her obligations are not paid by January 31, and his/her membership is automatically suspended. A delinquent member will be notified by letter or phone of this delinquency, and has until February 15 to meet his/her obligations. After February 15, his/her membership is automatically terminated.
  • Voting on New Members: A motion was made to drop the requirement to vote new members into the club. The motion was seconded and present members voted unanimously to approve the motion. Rudy Kellerman will change constitution to eliminate Article III 2.a
  • Next Meeting: The next meeting will be postponed one week because it falls on July 4th. It will be held at 6:00 pm on Thursday July 11th at the Anderson County Airport.

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