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August 7, 2014
Meeting Minutes

New members:

  • Jim Fillingham, a possible new member attended the meeting. He hasn't flown in 30 years so he feels he will need some help. He donated a cement table and benches and a small utility building if we want it and can move it from his property in Belton.

Old Business:

  • Bill read the July minutes.
  • The field has been mowed a little longer on the main runway to aid in landing. General consensus is the length is now OK.

New Business:

  • There was further discussion on the FAA interpretive rule for model aircraft. It was felt that the club should put together a letter to the FAA, as suggested by the AMA, with our concerns as a club with signatures of as many club members as possible. We felt that this would carry more weight with the FAA than individual responses. Bill Kirkpatrick will put something together for review prior the next meeting. Hopefully we can have a good attendance at the next meeting for the signatures.
  • George Estes has been kind enough to give us a large discount on the field mowing so far this year. Now that our bank account looks much improved with some new members and other donations, George will be charging us full price for the mowing.
  • Our bank account stands at $1019.43

Show and Tell:

  • Rudy Kellerman showed his just completed Das Ulgy Stick.

Next Meeting:

  • The next meeting will be held at 6:00 pm on Thursday September 4, 2014 at the Anderson County Airport.

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