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February 2, 2017
Meeting Minutes

New members:

  • Frank Crisp attended the meeting as a possible new member. Both he and a friend are considering joining.

Old Business:

  • None

New Business:

  • Doug McCaig suggested creating a fly list for cell phone texting as a means to notify members that you will be flying on a day other than Tuesday or Saturday. This is now in progress.
  • There are four members that have volunteered to share our field mowing requirements. Steve Huntley requested that these members have their dues waved for the service. There were no objections to this but we neglected to put it to a vote. We will vote on this at the next meeting.
  • Our fence is in desperate need of repair. A work day will be scheduled in the near future.
  • Our bank account stands at $957.88


  • None

Show and Tell:

  • Jim Fillingham showed his new quad copter.
  • Steve Huntley showed his new 16 channel FR Sky transmitter.

Next Meeting:

  • The next meeting will be held at 6:00 pm on Thursday March 3, 2017 at the Anderson County Airport.

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