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If you are not using a 2.4 GHz radio click on the button below to see a chart showing the distribution of channels used by our current members. Use this chart when purchasing radio equipment to try and find a less busy channel.

Use the online membership form or renewal form to join.
All members must have and maintain an AMA membership.

Dues Fee
New Adult Members ($50 regular annual fee + $10 initiation fee before March 31) $60.00
New Adult Members after March 31 (reduced $5 per month until July 31 + $10 initiation fee) see chart below
After July 31     ($25 + $10 initiation fee) $35
Regular Membership renewal $50.00
Junior Members (under 19) FREE first year
Family membership (same address no matter what age) $50.00, $60 first year
Social membership (AMA membership not required) $25

Prorated Chart For New Members Including Initiation Fee

January February March April May June July August September October November December
$35 $35 $60 $55 $50 $45 $40 $35 $35 $35 $35 $35

An initiation fee of $10 dollars is required of new regular members and only one initiation fee per family membership, new junior and additional family members do not have to pay an initiation fee.

Members who do not renew their membership by March 31 are delinquent, if dues are not received by April 15th the member is considered a new member and is required to pay the new member initiation fee plus regular annual membership fee. Contact us for more information!

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